Behind AirTracker is a team of experienced product developers. We have been disrupting the IoT space well before it became commonplace. Our technology whizz has developed several successful cutting edge IoT products in the Wearable, Industrial IoT and Agro IoT fields. Our team have created a unique solar (self-powered) environmental sensor array designed to offer a robust and easy-to-use air quality monitoring system. AirTracker delivers localised real-time air-quality readings, and will gather air quality data in order to support initiatives to reduce air pollution and its risk to human health. AirTracker has been independently tested and its reading have been compared with reading from Environmental Protection Agency stations. AirTracker provides all the key measurements needed to get a comprehensive local air quality analysis all from a single, compact and easily-deployed unit.


The growth of urban air pollution is one of the most serious indicators of the impact of global urbanization on the environment and human health. Rapid urbanization, along with associated economic and population growth, has led to increases in vehicle use, industrial activity, and energy consumption that have raised urban air pollution to critical levels. As cities around the globe struggle to manage high levels of air pollution, numerous technologies and policies are being deployed to improve air quality. These solutions include congestion charging and low emissions zones, electrification of public transport, electric and automated vehicles, shared mobility programs, smart parking systems, expanded bicycle infrastructure, and air purification technologies. Although these solutions can help reduce pollution levels, if city officials are to fully understand and improve air quality conditions, pollutants must be able to be accurately measured, monitored, and managed. Currently, most cities measure air pollution using a collection of large environmental monitoring stations. These stations are accurate in measuring air quality data, but their high cost limits their number, resulting in gaps in coverage. These large stations are static and may not capture the local nature of harmful pollution within city environments In response to the air pollution challenge our team have developed and launched an air quality monitoring device - AirTracker – and we are in the process of developing a cloud based environmental data collection service on a global scale through our partnership with Sigfox and Thinxtra.


AirTracker is a solar powered Environmental sensor array, that captures key air quality measurement and wirelessly transmit them to the to cloud using the Sigfox network. AirTracker measures following:

  • Gases: Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Ethanol, Methane, Propane, Iso-Butane, Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide
  • Particles: P2.5 and P10
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Barometric Pressure sensor
  • Sound Level to Monitor Noise Pollution
The battery reserve eliminates the need for an external power source and Air-tracker can operate 28 days without sunlight. The Sigfox network allows us to reach out to more than 40 countries. We envisage AirTracker being used throughout these 40 countries, with air quality data being recorded and allowing us to create a detailed global map of air pollution.


  • The AirTracker is completely self-powered and wireless and does not require access to the power grid - compared to currently available hard wired systems Using solar energy as its main power source, the AirTracker is also equipped with back up batteries and can operate for up to 28 days without daylight.
  • Use of the cloud platform for collecting and processing data in real time – with wider deployment of AirTracker, users of our site will be able to see air quality information updated in real time globally
  • A wide range of sensors - provides accurate and detailed analyses comparable to those from Environmental Protection Agency Station both in precision and range of measurements
  • Installation and access AirTracker device can be mounted to any hard surface anywhere anytime – without the need for external power source.
  • AirTracker is a complete standalone device without any attachments or easily damaged antennas, unlike some Air Quality Kits, which are bulky and contain many different components.
  • Mobility AirTracker can be installed on any mobile unit (taxi, public bus or any other type of transport) for collecting readings in different areas. Other currently available products are not mobile.
  • No installation/engineering costs involved due to the system being completely wireless. Once the device is mounted and turned on, it can be registered to the cloud platform via an application on a mobile phone or tablet using the Bluetooth Low Energy interface – most of the other available devices require an electrician for power connection and configuration.

    19 Mar 18

    AirTacker Environmental Monitoring will be displayed at SIGFOX booth # C12 .

    AirTracker will be launched on in the IoT ASIA EXPO 2018, which will take place in Singapore. View Info


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